Hello! It may be a bit early to be posting a success story but I can't help it! My husband was diagnosed with AS in 2005 at the age of 32. His story is similar to many of those who have posted. He started with back pain that he thought was from an old injury or just aches and pains of getting older. His rheumy started him on Remicade & Vicoden and advised him to quit his electrician job for a desk job. He did okay for about two years when the Remicade stopped working. From there he went from biologic to biologic while progressively getting worse. He eventually got so bad that he became permanantly disabled.

When the rheumy couldn't manage his pain, he was referred to a pain management clinic and started on stronger and stronger meds. It's been an extremely difficult time watching him suffer and deteriorate. His hips and spine have been the worst affected but other joints flare. He suffered from iritis flares, stomach upset, heartburn and a general feeling of malaise that he described as having the the flu permanantly.

As life in general began to get too overwhelming, I sought counseling. My counselor assigned me "homework" of joining a caregiver support group. I was putting it off because I didn't think I had time to go to a support group, so I thought I'd find one online. That's when I found KickAS. I was reading the forums and came across the NSD. I shared it with my husband who was in such pain that he said that while he loved bread, he'd gladly trade the bread for less pain.

We started reading and testing food with iodine. By the end of the first week, the "flu" feeling was gone. By the 2nd week, the pain was improving. We are in the 2nd month now and just learned that the Vicoden that he still takes is full of starch---that's the next to go. But overall he is doing so much better I don't even know what to do with myself!

This is the first time in years that we both have hope for the future. He's suddenly interested in his old hobbies again. He's dragging me off to the store just so he can get out of the house. He's lost some of the weight that he had put on while being inactive. (So have I! blush)

For the most part, he hasn't had too much trouble sticking to the diet. We got Carol Sinclair's book and stocked up on almonds, fruit, veggies, meats for grilling, cheeses, etc. I've been enjoying trying some of the recipies for baking with almond and coconut flour. I made coconut flour cupcakes tonight that were decadent!

I have to say that we are dissapointed that all the brochures and physician advice he's been given over the years said nothing about diet. I wonder what life would be like had the NSD been communicated to us on the day that we found out he had AS. Of course, we also know that the man he was back then probably wouldn't have readily given up bread. He was a big, bad, smoking, drinking electrician! I still think if he'd known all these years that starch was the enemy, maybe, just maybe...well anyway, can't go back in time, can we?

The important thing is that KickAS & Professor Ebringer have given us a beautiful gift. The gift of hope. We'll take it!!!

Loving wife of a spondy

Diagnosed in 2005. Went through a string of biologics, loads of pain meds with little success and lots of scary side effects. Found the No Starch Diet in 2012 and having great success. Reducing pain meds for the first time!