Hello everybody:
I have been with ankylosing spondylitis about 15 years, the last 9 and diagnosed before and after medical treatment have my EA was always for the worse and the pain shoots, anquilosado (fusing), low labor .......... were on the rise .
As in most cases, I went through multiple treatments of anti-inflammatories, rehabilitations, searching for alternative medicine .... and a continuing process of physical and psychological decay hacian (made) me think to obtain a disability pension for the future.
Everything changed the day I found the English page of a sick www.izorrategui.org
I drew attention to the way they deal with the enfermedád (illness) and soon decided to do the diet, resulted in:
In a few days leave 14 pills sulfasalazine, inacit, voltarén ..... I left two weeks inmobilizado bed, I could volvér (return) to work and make life normál. I have not returned to have outbreaks or inflammation. Evan diet, also excluding potatoes, rice and .... I just helped aloe vera (occasionally) própolis, polem ... Fasting apple once a week, one day a month and three days every six months, I consider indispensable.
I continue my treatment without the support of reumatologo to diet, but if I wish to inform you that in my evolution continues with Radiography (X-rays) and confirming the transfer, I have an analysis for endocrine seguridád (safety) have to be doing the right thing and have no deficiencies in iron, Magnesium .....
Actualidád (actually) I have seen in the last visit to reumatologo, that in his opinion the radiography (X-ray) confirmed that I did what my state external tells me every day that I am in remission and my Radiography (X-ray) of 2000 shows a sacroilitis bilateral grade II / IV, similar to 7 years later, thanks to the diet without starch.
Also, after two years of diet, I still have some results in the analysis that is not possible to detect any abnormality in the food, just the "good" cholesterol that is at 70, so I do not think it necessary to take supplements in food my diet, I emphasize that it is always "my diet," possibly in other cases, with a little more power, with little intake of salads, miél (honey), nuts ...... not happen iguál (the same) and needed help, but taking food rich in iron, magnesium ... etc.todo (everything) should go well.
Regards to all and I hope seguír (to follow the) learning here as a starch diet with bringing in a healthy way.
Any information on the evolution will find me here:

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