This is only my third posts here on and wanting to share my story, so far.

I was diagnosed with AS just a couple weeks ago. I have not been to a rheumy yet but have an appointment next March. It is a long wait but better than nothing at all; considering my GP told me she would treat it and I did not need a rheumy. I am only taking Ibuprofen on a regular basis. I am trying to self-treat myself but I am getting worse. I have been doing a lot of research and found a few months ago. I am thinking that I have had AS for a lot longer than I had previously thought.

Since last week, I have been on a VERY STRICT NSD. I said in a previous discussion on this website, that I have been on a NSD diet, before. This ends up being not true. I was nowhere near being starch free till last week. I have found that everything has starch and I am having trouble finding things to eat. I now have a journal and a bottle of iodine to battle the evil starch villain. I am not seeing any improvements and only getting worse. I am losing more weight which is bad because I do not need to lose much more. I am pretty lucky because my wife is in the battle with me. She has told me that she does not want me to go into this alone. She has been making all kinds of stuff. One of my problems is that even though I am starch free there are foods that are still making me sick. I swear there is no starch but I still get sick. When I say sick, I mean that I get diarrhea and just have an overall feeling of awfulness.

I will keep fighting and refuse to give up....

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