Hello everyone. I'm here because of my husband. And I'm not sure if this is the right topic to write. My husband was diagnosed with AS 10 years ago. The past years he was on sulphasalazin. He does not feel pain, only after a long walk in the left hip. He has limited movement in neck, back and especially in leg hip (thinking about replacement). This week he went to see his rheumatologist and she said the AS is progressing and she recommends to switch the treatment for methotrexat and biologics. We both were very anxious about the bad news and I started to search for information and found the new thing for us about what causes AS. I'm very happy that I've found this site and all your comments, especially your success stories with the NSD. Today is the 2nd day with this diet and I'm worried only about one thing - how do my husband know that it's working as he does not feel pain (now he does not take any medication, he is waiting for the new biologic treatment). Sorry, I didn't have time to read all comments.
I'm not testing products with iodine. Haven't got yet. I'm referring to the product table I've found in this site.
I have so much questions. I'm not sure for the recommended new treatment. Maybe it will not be necessary if new diet works. I'll be very thankful for your answers.