Hi everybody!

I haven't written my story earlier as I was planning to do that only when I was totally OK again. Well, now I realize that it would be silly to wait until that as my story is a great success already.

My name is Kaisa and I'm 27 years old. I will start from the beginning as I think that explains a lot..

When I was was 14 years old I went vegetarian and never felt healthy again. I had constant stomach ache and all sorts of IBS symptoms for years and years (that time I could not think it was to do with me being vegetarian). In age of 20 I
had a reactive arthiritis for a year on my right leg joints.
And in age of 23 had great SI pain for a few months. Both times walking was really difficult.

And in age of 25 everything just collapsed. AS came suddenly and was very severe. All my big joints were inflammated, I could not walk (basicly stayed in bed for 5 months)or wash my hair etc. And I was told I made it all up because I was so stressed up prior to all this! Finally they agreed to take some blood tests and found out my inflammation markers were really high. They said I probably have RA and put me on methotrexate, oxiklorin, sulfasalazin, NSAIDs and cortisone.

Iíve studied complementary medicine myself and felt really bad about those drugs. I just thought I had no other option. Well, cortisone naturally helped but also gave me osteopenia. Other drugs just caused nausea and other side effects. Only sz had some good effects, but still I was feeling really bad.

I got AS diagnosis when I was 26, found Kickas a few months later and started the diet the day I found it (October 2006). I already then had limited diet due to IBS: I ate no dairy, fruit, rye or wheat. So I needed to cut off mainly rice and starchy vegetables. The morning stiffness vanished right away but it took about a month before I saw any effect in my pain levels.

I needed to be very strict then (and still do), I couldnít have even the tiniest amount of starch. I felt pretty good for a few months but then I got quite sick with other kind of symptoms: constant fatigue, nausea and IBS again. I believe I waked candida up by adding foods like dried fruit and berries into my diet. (Apple diet was a killer as candida loves apples..)

It has taken a year to fight with this fungus issue (not only candida I think) but finally things are looking better. I had to go even more strict with my diet. I can hardly have any carbs at all at the moment..but that is an other story. Most importantly NSD works, it saved my life!

I want to thank eveyone at KickAS, you people are great! THANK YOU Tim, John, Chelsea, Rita, Jeanne, Charlie, Ted, Gerard and many many others.

Some things I also want to mention:
I was avoiding foods containing sulphur as I thought they fed klebsiella but now I believe my symptoms were die-off reactions from fungus dying. Eg cabbage, broccoli and eggs contain sulphur but they are also strong antifungals.
If NSD seems not to be enough, I recommend going to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/candidasupport/
There is a wonderful program for healing (not just candida but everything else to do with poor immunity too).
If someone feels I could be of any help for them, do not hesitate emailing me.

Take care everyone!
Love, Kaisa