Hello All, I'm a new member and new to AS. I would like to share my story of my AS and NSD. It's a short in time story compare to most of the posts I have read.

When I first develop AS symptoms I though it was from a nagging injury I suffered from racing my dirt bike. So I was in denial for a couple of months. After dealing with the pain coming and going in my buttocks and left hip for couple of months I decided to make a visit to my primary physician. I explain what happen and he prescribed me Naproxen, Hydrocodone and X-rays of my hips and pelvis. The prescriptions drugs worked on relieving the pain but as soon as I felt better I would stop taking them and the pain would come back lot more intense. Then I would be back on them again. I knew that this was not right. My X-rays came back negative for any fractures but I still had a soft tissue knot on my left buttock. My physician was puzzled about my injury and so was I. I had have many injures and a few surgeries in my time doing sports but this was different. I was not healing over time. So My physician order MRI of my hips and lower back. Also ordered blood tests to see what was going on. This took a few weeks to get done but my pain was increasing and extending to my lower back. I never had back problems growing up so I was getting a little worried what is going on with my body. While waiting for the all the tests results to come in my physician suggested to see a chiropractor maybe I need my lower back adjusted. I never been to a chiropractor before I figure it can't get any worse. The pain was getting pretty intense at times. Well I was wrong. The chiropractor crack up and down my spine and the pain was so intense I could barely walk. My neck was so stiff I could not turn my head. The chiropractor told me to take my pain medication and it will feel a lot better in a couple of days. WRONG! I was so stiff and in so much pain the pain medication could barley take the edge off the pain. I was like this for a week. I had to sleep with a heating pad just to get some pain relief. Finally my blood test results came back and MRI diagnosis. The MRI images showed I had a fractured left sacrum. The blood test showed very high inflammation (CRP - 76.8 & ESR - 102). And i tested positive for HLA-B27 gene. At the time I did not know what this meant. My physician sent me to a rheumatologist. She reviewed all of my test data and did a physical exam on me then told me I had AS. I did not believe her on this first visit. I thought for sure my fracture sacrum was the issue. She prescribe prednisone and naproxen medication and told me I would be on medication the rest of my life. She gave me a brochure on AS and sent me on my way, then do a follow up appointment in a month. I was so depressed after that visit. I could not believe it what I had. I'm 56 years old this AS usually starts when you are a teenager so what the brochure said. I put my body through a lot stuff over the years but it always recovered. But this time it was different. I went home and told my wife. I told her I didn't believe the Rheumatologist. I wanted a second opinion on this AS. My wife started to research this AS and found and ordered this book Conquer AS in six weeks by Micah Cranman. It was a little pricey but worth a shot. This is where I learned about the no starch diet and KickAS website. I read the book in one night and decided to start the NSD the next day. My wife was all in with this NSD. She was trying to change my un-healthy diet for years. I thought this healthy food stuff was a just marketing ploy to charge more for food. I live in California and there are so many diet fads here it's just crazy.
I was 100% commented to the NSD. I bought a bottle of iodine and started to test everything I put into mouth. My wife ordered a few NSD cook books and we started on our NSD. I also gave up on dairy and beer, which was hard.
After a few weeks of this NSD I wasn't feeling much better but I was loosing weight at very fast rate. I lost about 20 pounds in two weeks. I would feel better for a day or two then I would stop taking my medication and the pain would come back. I went to see my rheumatologist and told her about this NSD and leaky gut theory and she basically brushed it off as there is no scientific research to back up the claim it works. So no support from my rheumatologist. I was about to quit this NSD, then I wrote Micah an email explaining I haven't seen any real change yet. He told me to give it more time since I'm older it may take longer, my gut has to heal. I also started to read more posts on this KickAS website and found new hope. Plus my wonderful wife kept encouraging me to stick with it. There were people suffering lot more than I and longer. I started to take supplements suggested on this website and Micah's book. A couple weeks later I started to notice a difference in my body. The pain was decreasing my mind wasn't feeling depressed all the time. I started to believe this NSD and supplement routine was working. I changed my attitude and lookout toward this. Instead of feeling I have to do this, to I want to do this. This positive change helped me in many ways. I started to reduce my medication when the pain was decreasing. In the time frame of two weeks I was completely off my medication and the pain was pretty non-existent once this NSD started to work.
I started to exercise to build back my strength that I lost from doing no physical activities. I started doing yoga with my wife.
As my strength started to build I was back doing the activities I like to to do, dirt bike riding, snowboarding, surfing and hiking but not at the level I was at before AS. Still a vast improvement from where I was just few weeks ago. I had follow up blood testing results back yesterday and my test results were awesome. I'm almost back to normal levels. I am a believer in this NSD. It was amazing how fast I was pain free when the NSD and supplements started to work on me. I'm one more testimony that the NSD works on some people. I have a total different outlook on life compared to 5 months ago when I was diagnosis with AS. I realize my story is quite long, hopefully it will help someone see the light at the end of the tunnel.