Hey everyone!

Just a quick update. Almost 2 years into NSD, and I am back to my old self pre-AS! Some of the things I've been able to do with 100% success are:

-get out of bed (and run away if I had to in case there was a fire or burglary. something I was deathly afraid of when I was in pain all the time)
-use the bathroom un-aided
-JUMP out of my car; much less drive and take a normal turn or pothole without holding my breath and bracing myself.
-run around and act like a general fool
-jumping jacks
-hop & skip
-take leisurely strolls through a city
-ride a bike
-ride horses again (something I thought would never happen again
-dive off a diving board
-go scuba diving
-sit down or get up from my office chair
-make dinner (paleo styleeeee of course smile
-make love (gentle and crazy style smile
-ride amusement park rides
-OH!! put on clothes!
-fall over my own two feet because of general clumsiness and not faint at the jolting pain that I used to have
-grocery shop
-go to festivals and concerts and never ever ever have to think about pain or be jealous that other people were pain-free

Basically, I have my life back. The life that EVERYONE deserves! If you don't give NSD a solid try, then pretty much I feel sorry for you. By solid try, I mean at the very least 3 months. 6 months if you're determined, 1 year if you've noticed results, forever if it works.

SOME MORE POSITIVE THINGS: I've started reintroducing starches into my diet with no negative consequences. Either I've put myself into a long (hopefully long-lasting) remission, or just completely re-booted my system. So much so that I've GAINED 5lbs! OH THE HORRORS. Oh well. But yeah. So for a year, yeah I pretty much ate next to nothing. But the payoff was/is worth it.

Sorry to be blunt, but do it or forever be on pain or on meds. Your choice. Life is a right c*nt then you die. Make the most of it. The end.


Lauren S.