Hi I am mohsin from India.. ive had AS for 13 years now. I am 29. I was diagnosed at the age of24. I started the no starch diet just a month back. I have lost weight rapidly. I stand 5 11". I used to weigh 82kgs now I weigh 71kgs.

the initial 20 odd days were really rough, you feel so weak but no significant pain reduction, its a test of your grit(and ive cheated a few times). but then you start noticing the pain levels come down. now I sleep without any painkillers which was impossible before.

this is the diet I follow.
breakfast->> 3 eggs/fish/mutton/liver and some tomatoes
lunch->> 2 boiled eggs
dinner--> mutton/liver/fish with raisins and tomatoes

I swim daily at night for an hour. planning to start stretching sessions in the mornings

the pain levels have come down greatly

but with the diet above do you think I might get into trouble with vitamins and stuff? please let me know.