So this is something that I owe to the site since a while. Started NSD in October 2008, after being diagnosed for AS in July 2008 (following some 5 years of occasional pain which I managed with pain killers). Stopped all pain-killers and refused to take any other AS-specific medication. Am mostly pain-free since then - often for months. Relaxed my diet in terms of starch intake (occasionally eat rice and buckwheat), from time to time need to avoid some non-starchy food (at the moment am careful with tomatoes, bell peppers, beer and wine). Dealing with flare-ups by drinking ginger tea, flaxseed oil, fasting if nothing else helps. Generally, am watching out for the signals my body sends me and modifying my diet if necessary. Feeling blessed to have found the site and happy that the doctor who diagnosed me was such a complete [*bleep*] that he made me resolute to find an alternative solution smile.