Heh all,

Well my story so far.

I was diagnosed in 2003 after many many visits to different doctors throughout the years trying to work out where this pain in my Butt came from (SIs of course)

All through my teens I had lower back pain (lumbar) I thought it was windsurfing. I was always a very active person. Fit. I had no idea. I started taking nsaids loved it made me feel normalI didnt know what I was doing to myself.

I worked in miningits what we do over here in nor west Oz.. I grew up in it...born to it..

Doing 12 hour shifts when I was in my mid 20s running up and down stairs in a processing plantthen it started to really hitI started to limp pain in my left hip you see. The guys used to say to me Id hate to see you when you are 40 I started getting scared. I couldnt work HARD like I used to

Doctor after doctor checking me for prostate cancer you boys out there know the test?? Lol. Then I was sent to a rheumy, had a blood test, x-ray bamyouve got AS my boy!!! On your bike andall you can do about it is take Voltaren. Nothing else (honestly thats the feedback/advice I got from the rheumy here in Perth!!! Thats it no recommendation for a stretching regime or anything) havent seen a rheumy since.

SoI took the drugs. I would mark the days on the calendar how many pills I would pop in a dayI was up to four a day and it would fill every day of the month I have never liked pills of any sort. Even panadol was something I didnt take.

I had the pains that everyone else here has had Im surecouldnt sleep, couldnt roll over in bed without screaming out loud even making it to the loo was just toooo hard.
I kept working somehow and they closed the plant where I worked. I moved ongot another job in a control room (think Homer Simpson)

Plenty of time to research the net. I came across KickAS and read and read and read. I feel like I know all of you here (in the diet section anyway) I started cutting back on the problem foods it worked. Took a whilebut it really works!!! I had kinda drawn a connection myself years before. As I had noticed on days that I didnt eat anything I would feel good but of course, I had no direction, no explanation.

Ive been almost in remission this year up till now then it came backthis is my first day job that Ive had in more than 10 years (maybe there is a sunlight connection hey Krishna??) So, back to the diet seeya later AS Ive really noticed however that since Ive started supplementing in the last week its taken off in leaps and bounds go!!! Home made yogurt/glutamine/fish oil/zinc!!! Supplementing is the other link in the chain heal that gut!!!

Thank you all here at KickASyou saved me!!! Thank you.