I don't come around here anymore-I had some PMs asking me about diet. I myself didn't keep up with it. John told me about Roadback.org and have been on low dose flagyl and zithromax for a few yrs. I was feeling almost perfect until I had my blessed baby, Audrey, but she is so worth it...now some minor pains have set in but I restarted abx....I work out 3x a week. I still have minor pain and stiffness, but not too bad. Just wanted to update. Hope that helps...email is zardi@sbcglobal.net..coming here was just too much for me, like a mind over matter thing. It made me feel worse. I guess I internalize other people's pain... I miss some of you!!! Hope you are feeling ok!-8/2013.

Off antibiotics and now exploring mindbody healing.