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hi Tim,
Thanks for sharing your story. I am from Australia and find some of the foods very hard to find. Everything seems to have a starch in it. I guess I will have to make everything myself.
In australia we don't have the liquid iodine(I have been to numerous pharmacies and also health food stores) and I can not find it. Do you have any suggestions where I can get it from?

Thanks, Anna

I am Australian and I can assure you that we do have liquid iodine in Australia and you can get it at any pharmacy. Betadine is very common... it is exactly what you need.

Actually I am looking forward to moving back to Australia as it will make the low starch diet so much easier than it is here in Germany. Starch really is hidden in everything and all German meals seem to be coated in bread or served with a mass of potatoes.

Food is danm expensive in Australia but really fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish are so easy to find and are of extremely good quality. Start cooking with fresh ingredients and you should never have to worry about hidden starch.

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