OK, so it's been a while since I posted my success story here and everything is going great. I pretty much know what i can and can't eat now so consequently, I am mostly pain free. In order to get fit, I have re-discovered cycling, this time on a recumbent bike (Cruzbike) which is great fun and highly recommended, plus our 11 month old loves it in his seat on the back.

Anyway, the reason for my new post. I have come to realise, in my previous post, I have given some bad advice for those starting the diet, which I feel I must correct, I said, "Take a good multi vitamin, and vitamin C".

This (from my experience) has to be corrected to, "DO NOT TAKE MULTI VITAMINS OR VITAMIN C WHEN YOU ARE STATING ON THE DIET.” Why?

After many months of trying various different ‘multi vitamins’ and ‘vitamin C s’, I have not found a single one I can take without trouble, (including the ones naturally sourced from vegetables). I get a very clear and noticeable reaction within 24hours, lasting for at east 48hours every time I take them. This probably was the reason it took me so long to get the diet to work properly originally.
I have to say, I don’t seem to be suffering from any ill effects through lack of vitamins whilst on this diet and in fact, if anything, my resistance to colds etc, seems to have gone up slightly lately.

Wishing you all the very best.

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