Hi, I am 52 and have had AS since I was 27. Like so many others I was not diaqnosed until a bout of Iritis 11 years later and an optician informed me of my plight! I found this website only 2 weeks ago and find it an absolute fantastic source of inspiration. I came looking for help as I have been able to endure the years of back/hip pain but now its at my neck..well you know. I immediately tried the apples diet for 3 days and it and my flare up just dissapeared. I am now a week into the NSD and am starting to feel so much better. I didnt think I could exist without my bread, potatoes and especially rice when eating a lovely curry but I have and will not give in. Early days yet but thankyou so much to everyone who has posted their success stories. Hopefully one more to add to the list.
Happy days