Thanks for your post, very informative. I have been a relatively lucky ASee as my mother was very progressive in the very early stages (violent AS attack to major larger joints at 15) and I now am mostly fine but get attacks every now and then when I get too complacent with my diet. I have decided to re-vamp my outlook and try the same advice I gave a friend on quitting tobacco, go running. all other sports I can do as I generally have a good pain level maintained, but running has always been a movement where I can notice much finer levels of pain. Just as I advised my friend to run every morning and so notice the improvement in lung operation, I have decided to run every morning, not long runs but enough to notice on a micro level how I am feeling which hopefully will inspire me to keep to a good diet: I dislike being physically impaired. What is your take on running? I have had some concerns regarding it's effect on my knees etc. do you notice any inflammation anywhere else aside from SI? I have not since my first ever attack at 15, now it is all alternating from left to right SI and obviously occasional uvitis and fatigue.