Hi All,
I just thought I would give a run down on my path from constant lower back pain! with sometimes weeks on end not being able to move with out joint pain up around the 9/10 mark!! Mostly in the S.I joints and lower back. A few years ago, like most of you have, I ended up with the Rheumatologist telling my I was HLA B27 positive with A.S! Straight away I was out the door with a script for NSAID's and another appointment to come in to talk about TNf blockers.... I did some research on both of these treatments and never returned to the DR. Once again, Like most of you I discovered the LSD and Wow what a difference!! I was about between 75-85% pain free! but still suffer a bit of IBS which I new was associated with my AS.Then about 6 months ago a friend got me on to Herbalife products and now I am pain free about 97% of the time, have loads of energy!! and my IBS, gone!! The only problem is these programs are expensive! but there are ways around it so you can buy it directly and pay 25%-50% off retail like I do. Some other ways to help your AS is to optimise your Vitamin D levels and if you are having a painful joint flare up the best thing I found to do is "fast" for up to 24hours if you can.. Please Email me if you need any help? will more than happy to assist.
"The best Doctor in the world is our selves"