Hello everybody, I posted my first message in January 11th about my short experience with NSD and how excited I was about it. Today, after 40 days in this diet I can messure how much I improved by the days between NSAID's.
Before the diet I was taking Meloxicam (7,5 mg) avery 2 or 3 days, now I'm taking avery 4 to 5 days. The fast results during the first days really made me think I could quit Meloxicam after a couple of weeks. That didn't happened, but I'm stil very motivated and hopefull.
My impression is that the first results came very fast but the improvements are comming slowly. Anyone had the same experience? Can I expect more improvements in short term? Any Advices?
Thank's for the help.

By the way, Yiannis, it was very nice to read your post, because I'm also very active and one of my major worries is to have to stop doing the sports I like. Cycling is my favorite and usual practice and I think it helps me a lot.