Well it has been some time since I wrote my triumphant success story. Initially I had great success with the diet. If I fell off the diet, the symptoms would usually re-appear. I feel that the diet helped me get better results than only the medication. I cut down the medication dramatically and have actually cut it out all together. I still keep some around for days when I may have eaten too much starch or done too much. I have stalled somewhat and I haven't returned to the level of activity that I had hoped. I have actually started eating starch again. I felt like I was starving myself. I still eat low starch, along with more vegetables, less refined sugar, limited alcohol and reduced acids (I keep antacids around too). I can't seem to shake some of the long term damage caused by the disease and from time to time (very rarely) I suffer from some minor inflammation. I'm still working on getting better and I still feel as if I'm improving. I find some starch is better than others. Starches mixed with rich or oily foods seem to cause the most problems, plain starch (brown rice) seems to be the best.

I'm even going to acupuncture (including the injection of bee's venom) which seems to be reducing some of the aches in my body (I still have persistent morning stiffness and aches that the low starch diet didn't seem to have much effect on).