I did the three day apple fast, then one and a half days water only, then another day and a half of juices. Really didn't feel like eating anymore, but thought I should, so I started today. The months long flare I've been living with has evaporated, I have some residual stiffness through most of my body (nothing like before) the more concentrated pain at old injury site has abated, and I've discovered something very interesting: a "string" of muscles so tight as to be painful that were hidden under all the other acumulated pain of the aforementioned. I recognize tihs "string" or more accurately, remember it dimly from my past, when flares ,generalized stiffness,etc. didn't hide it. I don't remember when or where this originated, NSAIDs I've been taking for most of 15 years have masked it as well. I'll post again when I've got more time logged in on the NSD. I'm going to treat the "string" with massage for now.