Charlie ,
Firstly - I have Had issues with my lower back my neck and my hip and also sometimes my knees for years- ( 17 yrs) put i put it down to wear and tear from being a dancer for too long. I exercised I did yoga I swam. I had physio and mostly it was manageable - 4 years ago my hip got so bad I was limping - the doctor said it was bursitis and I had a cortisone shot which really worked. I took NSAIDs quite often for all the joint pain.
Then 6 years ago I got really sick - symptoms akin to parasitic infection - the doctors treated it with Flagyl - but it never really went away completely.
I managed my diet to some degree - cutting out bread pastry etc.
About 5 months ago my hip became chronic again - thus time the cortisone didn't work. Weeks of doctors visits and then my lower back and neck became so painful I couldn't sleep - I became really run down and started taking time off work. I was in chronic pain and I could hardly walk or sleep.
In the meantime I had begun researching AS as my GF has it and she said I had all the symptoms - test upon test and a really misogynistic rheumatologist said I was fine - go get a massage I was told.
By now I had started a NSD and found a great naturopath. It was only then that I started to get well again.
Having doctors tell you that there is nothing wrong with you when you are clearly in pain and limping is soul destroying. I know how you feel. At one stage the doc told me not to change my diet at all!!
I just did a dinner to dinner fast and had my first pain free sleep in months!
I've been on the NSD for 3 weeks only and it was only when a naturopath told me I had intestinal parasites that I really started recovering my energy - I started a no sugar diet along with the NSD. Then I discovered that eggs and dairy irritate also so I cut them out and now fasting is my new Spruce up for inflammation.
I've done a lot of research on parasite leaky gut and auto immune diseases - it all makes sense to me as I've had stomach issues for years and had to cut out many foods over that time.
I'm now taking garlic, poa darco, bron enzyme and alfalfa supplements for the inflammation and parasites and also probiotics for the leaky gut.
I am stretching and walking 15 minutes a day and hope to get back to swimming soon.
I'm undecided as to whether I should see a different rheumy but it seems eventually I might need a traditional medical diagnosis just to show society that I'm not lying or neurotic.
This makes me sad I must say - that doctors fail to see that food can be medicine or poison.
In the meantime I'm so overjoyed to have been able to sleep and dream again .
To sleep, ah perchance to dream.
Good luck with the diet - good for you and good for me smile