Many an individual has come to Kickas looking for answers to their or loved ones AS demon and found an answer by changing their diet to the No/Low Starch Diet (NSD/LSD) advocated by Professor Ebringer.

The diet requires a good deal of discipline and there is a learning process before becoming totally comfortable with the diet, but the benefits if you do respond are immeasurable. Of the numerous success stories here, many different avenues have been explored, so there is much to be learned from the individuals within this forum concerning diet.

There is one side effect of this diet that may be its own worst enemy. Many individuals come here, learn of the diet, have success with the diet and then leave due to their improvement. A sense of normalcy returns and they almost forget they have AS.

This thread was created to capture their stories long after they have left so others may be encouraged from their success with changing their diet. So if you have had success with changing your diet, please add it to this thread so others may be encouraged from your story.