WELCOME, winston67:

Cayce said that sometimes the apple regimen needed to be repeated for the beneficial effects, and suggested to one person that if "seemed" to fail because he had been working too hard during the diet; it is a time to slow down a bit, and especially de-stress.

The thing with natural cures for this chronic disease is that they work slowly, just like the disease comes on, and not everyone reacts the same way to fasting, for example. Even antibiotics that will reduce symptoms most of the time, can sometimes even increase symptoms--not due to the "Herx" effect, but just because they strip away mucosa and can increase permittivity.

There are explanations for everything but these are sometimes not very obvious.

Sugar from apples can be a problem in severe candidiasis and this condition can explain extended-onset of AS; so many people with AS do have this fungal overgrowth, but it is difficult to say which came on first.

It really is sometimes very difficult to "make the diet work" for us. And water-only fasting is hard, but sometimes one of the only ways to break the cycles.

Cleansings, chelation, elimination diets, etc; these can all help, but it is sometimes not in any overt or obvious way; a lot depends upon our starting point and our perceptive abilities (NSAIDs will totally wipe this out).

I know You are on the right track, and just need a little encouragement--I have been down that same line many times and it requires patience and perseverance; we all have to pay our dues.