Hi gilliganjo and others smile

I recently joined the forum and I’m a breastfeeding mother looking for tips on trying the NSD without affecting supply. I wondered if others here in the forum might have ideas and experience to share ? . I have yet to be diagnosed w AS but I have undifferentiated arthritis. The past couple years I’ve mostly been gluten free, dairy-free and recently cut out nightshades and it’s made a difference. I have been on NSAIDs the past couple years ( a bit delinquent tbh, pushing past pain for fear that it could be affecting safe conception and pregnancy) and now have a lovely 5 month old. I also have osteophytes/bones spurs in my feet and neck based on my recent X-ray. I don’t have lower back pains. But neck, shoulder, ankle, knee. Not on both sides of the body. I’m still quite mobile and currently take 400mg a day ibuprofen but I’m wanting to heal fully and I’m also worried about the bone degeneration frown Thanks for reading.