I thought the diet did not work for me 3 months ago when I "tried" it.I read about it on miscellaneous sites about Dr Ebringer,Carol Sinclair,Kleb and AS.I decided to "try" it. I was subconsciously sabotaging myself (no iodine,eating beans,dipping fruit in sugar-doing things I knew weren't right)because the thought of permanently giving up my favorite Shipley's donut was terrifying!What's there left to enjoy in life without donuts?? LOL I'll tell you what's left to enjoy:WALKING!!!Something I very much took for granted before the dreaded disease struck.

After I decided "it didn't work for me",I started back w/ pizza,donuts,etc,all the delicious things and I was 10X worse.I was crippled! I had to quit my FT job and go PT.I had to quit riding my motorcycle. It was excruciating.I cried.I thought "I'm gonna prove this Dr wrong" I did a culture on myself and I had substantially more Klebs than the general population. I got sad because I knew I had to do the diet.I thought"what's wrong with you?You have a chance to be pain free,to not go on those meds you are so scared of.You should be happy."(I am terrified of TNF blockers because I have a family member with MS-I also work in a lab with blood,spinal fluid,live bacterial cultures-I need all my immunity).

That's when I started.I knew it had to be done.I knew this was not just some experiment.This was a NEW WAY OF LIFE.This is a 100% commitment.1 little wrong thing can cripple you so it is an ALL OR NOTHING thing.

So I started very strict.Within 3 days I was RUNNING in the park.I sobbed with happiness.I tear up as I write this now.My life had hope again.My husband,who acted like his best friend had died when I got diagnosed almost cried,too.He said after diagnosis "now we can't do all the things we planned"It was like it was all given back to us.Thank you JESUS!!!!.I then decided to write Professor Ebringer to let him know what he had done for us.I needed him to know how grateful I am.He is so modest and nice,considering his contributions and who he is. What a wonderful Professor.

The only way this works is to start strict,add one food at a time,write down your pain levels,match them w/ what you're eating(by writing down everything you eat/drink,supplement).It is in this way I found out cream cheese and almonds(yes,WITHOUT skins)crippled me.Now this would lead a person to think the diet didn't work.They might say "almonds are ok"Well the secret is what's "safe" may not be "safe" for you.
In short IT DOES WORK.It takes major dedication and will power.The only way you will know it works is by doing it and doing it 100%.There is no room for "just 1 thing"

My pain levels stay around 0-1.I live a normal life now(walking,playing sports,etc)no meds whatsoever!!! It's wonderful.Having to test everything is a little annoying,but worth it. I'm a "walking" success story!!!!

Off antibiotics and now exploring mindbody healing.