I was recently diagnosed with AS and would love some support and advice from those of you that have been successful! I just did a one day fast and don't feel much better, but am optimistic that the NSD will work for me.

Just wondering- how many of you react to the "fringe" foods such as garlic, asparagus, almonds, etc?

Also, I recently bought about $100 worth of supplements, only to find that a few of them have little bits of Maltodextrin or rice flour. I am having the same problem with finding Stevia, as most Stevia has Dextrose or Inulins in them.

Just wondering, should I completely cut out these supplements, even if they didn't turn black with the Iodine test?? Some of them stayed a brownish red, so the amount must be very small. The only thing I can't cut out is my Thyroid medication, which I need, and does have a tiny bit of starch (but didn't turn all the way black).

Also, I had seen in one of the forums that Dexrose is okay and doesn't feed Kleb, and that you need some carbs in order to rebuild your stomach wall. I am guessing my best source of carbs will be fruit, all of which should be okay as long as I iodine test it first, right? Does anyone have experience with this?

Any help, encouragement, advice, hope and support is greatly appreciated. I haven't started meds and would like to avoid them but am in severe pain with Sacroiliitis. I seems that many have had results very quickly, so I am trying to stay optimistic!!