wow Alan, thanks for sharing, my side profile looks liek your before pic, but i can still look forward.
i know all too well what it feels like to get the stares and the rude, crude amd inconsiderate comments from people, it really bothers me and i usually end up in tears feeling quite sorry for myself.
never heard of the surgery, but will look into it.
God Bless You! you are amazing.

Dx with AS in 2000, after birth of my 4th child. Through hell & back with pain/immobility & out of control inflammation. (Vioxx was my BF)
Received healing from Jesus (spine is now UNFUSED!)
Homeopathics- amazing!
Rebuilding my body... some days I struggle, right hip is locked & flares the most, but God is good and I am alive!
Proteolytic Enzymes, Nutra- Fix Probiotics, Vit C, D3, E,
B complex, KappArrest and BioAllay (Biotics Research) for pain and inflammation
Low dose naltrexone, NSD