I'm ignoring this question, it seems also, that you doubt I have enough brainwaves to make a map!!! Well let me tell you, they don't call me Al the Atlas for nothing you know.

Seriously no, not too much talk of longterm future, mainly immediate post op, but buzz off you are sneaking free bits of story...lol

As an aside, it is a serious point that you make. A decision to give me this surgery, which at the time was huge, and very very expensive was made based on my prevailing condition which was deemed to be serious. 15 years have gone by. It is a dread though of what I might have been now if I hadnt had the op. My AS fusion and deformity moved onward quickly, gravity adds an exponential element of degree of bend, in other words; the more bent, the quicker and more you bend! I may well not be alive today but for this surgery, or at least, not wanted to be alive.!

Hope all goes well for you today dearest of KA friends


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