All agog Alan. Gosh, can't hardly wait for the next bit - this is more exciting than the two best matches at Wimbledon this year!

Shoot, was mighty brave of you to proceed. Dunno 'what' I'd do in like circs. Just dunno. Have been totally bent over at the neck, and that for several months. It was hell, and painful. But still dunno IF I'd have gone an done owt about it, IF owt could'av bin dun... Think we have to award you the KA STAR man. We aint got a star in those icon thinggies. Hmmmmm.

When is the next bit? Don't make us wait toooooo loooong, pretty pleeeeese. 'Smile'.

Molly C (ex-pat)

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS