Bonjour mon amie Molly. Comment cava?

Hrey leave my ears (they may not be my ears) out of it. Will let you know later if you are right. and thank you for kind comments about story. Is a funny thing isnt it that you stagger through this illness for years sort of piecemeal, a tiny bit at a time. not realising that when you look back, all of the circumstances you have endured have sort of become composite, as one and you have a story A story of some length, of change, of emotion and, I hope a little humour. I think the great thing about KA is that somehow. we all try to see the funny side, well a bit of the funny side at least.

As for the play well I was trying to write a musical, but it's the lawns, they are so demanding.......

thanks Molly,you are kind.

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