Well - my policeman guess is bottom row on the right. But it's tricky to be sure. There are three possible candidates - the tall one in the top row and the second in from the left on the bottom are also in the running.

All typical British Bobbies from the early seventies!

Do keep going with your mesmerizing story, Alan. We should make a copy because your story-telling style has publishing potential. It's hysterically funny combined with shockingly sad - that kind of perfect British black humour that makes books like Angela's Ashes succeed.

You and Kevin definitely have to get together - I think you would be a perfect foil for each other. The book might have to be about the two of you. An example of what I'm talking about is the little exchange that included Kevin's wry comment about not whinging and moaning or he'd have topped himself by now. This is not the kind of conversation "normal" people have - it could only come from survivors of something as cruel as AS.

Love you guys - keep the stories coming.


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