I would like to add that I am also Diabetic and have C O P D so in my case its even more risky from the healing point of view.I realise that what Alan says is right it has to be told in truth.I just feel that maybe not so much detail in waking up screaming in pain and hallucinations ect. I know about morphin and what it does to your brain and understand that been there.Im just concernd that putting it the way he has someone who is going to have the operation will be terrified.I am a person who has sufferd a lot of pain in my life with operations ok not as serious as this but do realise that I would suffer terrible pain as Alan said but when its put like that it even put me off.As the people on here who have or are thinking of having this done know it is a very difficult desision to make.I worry more for my wife and children more than myself
I would be 60 miles from home and it would be extreamly difficult for them to be there for me which would break there hearts. Apart from my wife who would find it very very hard My daughter who I brought up on my own and is very very close to me and worries about me all the time anyway would really suffer.So Im not saying what Alan has written is wrong I just think some of it should be a little less dramatic.I know some who read what Ive said will think what a pratt and thats fine but different people have different emotions and the way things are written can have a terrifying effect on some.Alan and myself have agreed to disagree on this point and thats fine I just dont want anyone to think Im saying what Im saying for the sake of it.Sorry to ramble on its just my opinion.
Kevin Hello mig