'nd here were me thinkin that ouer Molly could 'ave been a Yorkshire lass with 'er "nowt" in ev'ry sentence!

Where is your wife from? My fum'ly is from roundabouts - but mainly Leeds, York and Hull.

Them es from Hull 'ave an accent all o' their own - tis no wonder you can't understand yer missus!

Seriously though - I was in Wales one time and staying in a B&B and met a couple of lads from Nottingham - they were keen to chat, but I thought they were having a religious experience and talking in tongues most of the time - especially when we went to't pub and they had a couple o' pints in 'em!

Thank goodness we Aussies don't have an accent, innit mate?!?


Happy to be a physio by day, not happy to be a Spondy 24/7! wink3