oy you lot......

Truth is that the pic was cobbled together latterly I think.

Ok height terms:

I was the tallest by a good few inches but as Kevin says, well on the bend by then. Neil, my brother 6 feet 1 inch

the other three, Terry the trumpet on the left, next to him Clive the drummer and middle, Karl, the man himself; all relative shorties.

My ears were the prettiest, Neils hair was real (well it was the seventies) Clive has had heart attacks, Terry is 5 feet 6 and 25 stones (350Ibs) Carl (proper with a C not a K) very very bad eyes now, a widower and lonely.

then there is me and I have all of you.

Green pic was post surgery in a different band and was taken somewhere in the late 90's I think.

Hated it by this time and left the band soonish, was not what I wanted to do anymore.

So there you go