Hello Farinelli, yes was major, major league and gave me life back. May 1994. I was errr.......let me see 2 plus 7 take away 2009 equals.......errr......well if I am 23 now then in 1994 i must have been 44.....lol

yes a wonderful happening for me, one with which I usually bore folks to death so please forgive.

I always look at it in terms of my height.

a strapping 6 feet 5

years of AS taook me too 5 feet 9

Surgeons/docs whom I love and so why I always object to doctor bashing on here took me back to

6 feet 2

Sadly. am on the bend again but still manage just over 6 feet.

The joys of Ankylosing Spondylitis....huh!

Mind you, it has never changed my looks. I was always ugly and still am....lol