Hello Alan, yes and that's why I wanted to ask that question since I felt Kevin might benefit from your answer.

It is hard to imagine for me... I am not sure I could have made the same decision as you... not due to reading your posts so much, but from having been at my Mom's bedside and watching what she had to endure after her surgeries. Horrendous to watch someone in such pain (she's not allowed morphine due to ailing kidneys), but, she has enjoyed some wonderful years afterwards with such an improvement in her quality of life, and she may not have lived otherwise to be with us still.. though hers was not a choice, I am thankful everyday for her good outcome. I am also very grateful for your success too, as I wonder if we would have ever met, if you didn't have the surgery, but then that is just plain selfish of me! lol

*Oh I should add since not obvious, my Mom's surgery was not the same at all, she had her left leg amputated just below the knee, after a failed surgery trying to restore bad circulation problem.

Kevin, I can't imagine the difficulty and appreciate how the experiences of others must weigh more heavily on you, but I know that whatever YOU decide will be right for you.