Hi Kevin,

That's very brave of you to share these pictures with us here - thank you.(The PT in me thinks "They would be good teaching photos...")

I have no doubt that with that degree of kyphosis you would be self conscious when walking down the street. I hope that you don't hear too many ignorant or hurtful comments from thoughtless passersby...

Don't know about the "ugly" bit either- to me you look like an OK bloke. There are probably better looking specimens somewhere on the planet, but a heap of the really gorgeous ones are (IME) airheads or complete tossers...

From what I know of you from your contribution here, I would choose to walk past those Adonis wannabes any day to have a drink in the pub with a bloke with as a good a sense of humour and fun as you have. I think there must be many days in your life when pain and frustration make humour a difficult thing to find.(innit?)

Sometimes life just sucks, but you sure do a great job of just "suckin' it up" and keeping a smile on your dial.

Keep kicking AS -



Happy to be a physio by day, not happy to be a Spondy 24/7! wink3