Hi Kevin,.. I am sure that no one here thinks you are a pratt and can appreciate and respect your opinion and feelings on this. I worry you are somehow feeling pressure by what you're reading here and really hope that is not the case. No two cases would be alike in terms of risks vs benefits so direct comparison, as you've noted, is not possible. Everyone's health situation is highly individual!

After all of our encouragement in asking Alan to keep going with his story, my own hope is that he will continue on and let it flow as it has, just naturally. I agree that his writing is quite powerful, yet feel (imo) that it's important not to gloss over the truth, and worry that he shouldn't feel inhibited in his style of telling it as it was.

Alan, as a suggestion, you might(?) include a little disclaimer of some sort in the title or at the beginning of your next chapter, just to forewarn readers that the details may not be suitable for all? That could help folks decide for themselves whether they wish to continue reading any further. I already know I will! Hey, there is even a little yellow 'warning' post icon! Well, it's just a thought.

Hugs to you both!!