I will try to respond to the posts here (my obvious hero worshipping fan club) then tell more. Kevein you must put yours up......oh yes I see sorry you did it separate the before and after pictures of me. Well the before was 2 years before surgery. At the time of surgery I was a full head lower than shown and moving rapidly into contact, eye to navel........well actually I like navels but prefer the err, well how can I say this the umm glittery errr............well I will leave it to your imagination.

Farinelli yes 8 inches in the sense of height, not quite so much if measured around the bend so to speak. I bet Kevin is the same.

I believe fusion with me was an almost immediate but was difficult then, as now to pinpoint all that was happening. I chat lots with Mig as you all know and she knows my full history (she tells me though, nothing of her running around with loose men spending millions cos she is wealthy and.............oh sorry I am wandering off. I often chat with Mig and I think we both agree that the disease is almost sort of pre ordained (debatable I know) but I feel as Mig does that we would have fused and deformed regardless. I know I certainly did.

Mig yayay, yes I am full of grit and next time I expect a better meal cooked by you x

Wendy I will start episode 2 in a new post, will bump my total up and I can overtake Suee 22.......yay