Quote: "Molly I shall research Madame Bigourie, (great) and send you a new shoulder, Asda do them now...lol."

Heigh, ensure NOT a shoulder of lamb cause this ere is ancient mutton, all wrinkly as well as...hahaha


An yes, please. Want to find out the rest of the story. Want to hear more of nurse strangelove and nurse grim-efficiency, and, and, and. Also, the physio. Whom you had, what process did they use. How you coped. Especially the parts where you asre coming through the hell-on-earth and bright gladness arrives. And your kiddies. Their reaction to straight up an down dad.

Terrif man. Thanks.

Molly C (France)
Keeping on Keeping on (you betcha, gotta 'do' innit!)

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