Ok, but Lawren Harris hangs in the AGO... and as for the ROM, I never said I hated it..!! Well I am almost certain that was not the word I used. (I reserve that for OCA! Although I confess it is growing on me over time.)

You have to admit though, that it's a 'potty' architect who designs a roof that instantly turns into an efficient, automated icicle-manufacturing-machine each winter, creating massive deadly spear-like forms which hover threateningly above the main pedestrian entrance to the museum, daring all patrons below to look up in fear for their lives! Not to worry however, as they've solved this minor bit of trouble with the new Helmet street-vendors and a sign that reads, "$5/helmet rental OR Enter At Your Own Risk!" Oh yes, it's charming.

The AGO won my vote in the contest, hands down! Besides, they have Lawren Harris inside! wow