Hi Kevin, well you get the girl actusally.....the ugly one, i get the other one...lol and she's a bloke.........tell me about this surgery refusal, are you buggered at lumbar or higher.

I have a great doc whose only concern about putting me forward for it, was my age, I was 44 then. The surgery as Brad, John Cheerful and others will tell you , is extremely stressful, age makes it moreso. I said to my doc I will quote the patient charter at you if you dont but he is a terrific chap, saw him yesterday actually chatting to him about the canada trip, do those rods set off the airport bells he said.......noooo says i , i always hope for a clattering din but they just ler me through....anywayall i say is. explore the possibilities. It was great for me, it worked, gave me new life, but it is dangerous dangerous stuff. i wish you well with it, right then, how about swapping the ugly one for this bloke eh Kev...............lol