Hi Wendy, well yes I did sort of think that I may have overkilled all of you with this and so didnt want to presume too far upon your good graces.

Anyway, Mig said if I didn;t write any more episodes then she would start talking to me again....!!! So wow get writing I thought...lol

Truth is, that as I write and try to order things in my memory, it is quite revealing to me, or reminding perhaps is the term, of my life and AS and other stuff.

Is like Kevin says, we that have it just get on with it, you Mig Kev John Steve, just live life, it is only when you sit down and deliberately think back that you understand what you did and how you did it.

See, I am rambling again, anyway if not too bored then will carry on.

I read your original post which prompted all of this, I see that I have neglected really to answer your questions and have instead, wandered down this path of wallowing self indulgence..! Sorry.

Anyway, Mel tonight............