Don't be sorry Kevin, it just gets to us some days, eh? I think you should be incredibly proud of the huge accomplishment it is, that you have the ability to joke around and find ways to have fun most days despite the severity of your AS. You and Alan give me reason to trust I'll be able to make it through my tomorrows, if I can manage to be as strong and focus on enjoying what I can, like you both do so well!

It breaks my heart that you've had to endure such nasty horridly hurtful comments from such uncaring idiots out there.

People used to stare at me due to hip pain which forced me to walk in a funny way but I've never had to endure laughing, well not yet. No-one should have to, ever. The staring I could ignore as I was usually too busy concentrating on how to get from A to B, so no time to contemplate nor care what some person ignorant to my situation may think. I am afraid of how I might react to some of those comments you've had... I might punch someone but then that would hurt (me) and they would probably laugh at my weenie little fists! lol

I think you have an amazing attitude Kevin! You are so right; it is definitely what is inside that matters and it's the genuine kind people who make our days.