OK, this is my first post since the op. Had my PSO on 4 April and left hospital on 11 April. Will have to look at the post-op Xrays again, but it appears that 14 levels were done. I regained about 3,5 cm in height and am upright. The forward kyphosis have been addressed very well and my sagital imbalance was drawn back about 25 cm. I now see the horizon when I stand and look straight ahead, instead of 45% down. The sideways scoliosis was also corrected probably about 90%. The surgeon (Dr Coetzee) said her wanted to work higher up, but the neuromonitor warned of trouble and wouldn't allow it. I am extremely thankful as this has changed my life already. Apart from the balance, spine realignment and aesthetics, I have now a freedom of breathing that I haven't had in more than 3 decades. I'm doing ALL my physio-exercises without fail and take 4 short walks every day. Evert day is better than the previous and I am extremely positive and thankful. Planning to buy a new home gym traiing system to start using in about 3 months time. Will start cycling then too if not earlier. WALKING TALL!

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