oy , tha's nowt wront wit pen lass, just have to ensure that you get right number in right box, which of course is the slight difficulty with soduko.... anyway what would you use........ahh being an artist then I guess it would be a crayon oe a number 4 lining brush or a fitch......and you were rather excellent at sudokuering as I recall. you opened the book correctly and were really quite good once I had turned the book the right way around for you and told you which end of the pencil had the point on it.. you seemed not to understand thought that No, the number 13 doesn't actually fit in any of the puzzles, even in the whole of the book..........lol

And wendy as for MENSA, yes I am a member

Oh for those who may not be aware, Mensa is a collection of goody goodies, the acronym means

ME No Sense Atall