Eee oop ou'er Inkee. Lived in Y'shire fer ar toime den. Mirefield, then Leeds fer a short while, den spent sum war yars en Brighouse. Eee by gum luv - d'ya'no, cricket geezer sed dat on TV tother nite - wen orf inta paroxisms o'mirth oi did.

Must catch up with the latest score. We lorst wun gud player ter achilles injury, an thingee got is knee probs... Oh well, we wun em wunce in der last 75 odd yrs, innit? (Wud luv ter see Warnsee playin agin, luv to see im run dawn ter der crease (grate bum ee as!!)

Wot flippin blather... ^LOL^

Molly C (France) - innit

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS