yes it was a thrill to see Rufus and Es. It had been too long.

Well you have had the spasms, I bet James B. John the dragon, Brad and Cheerful know these pains, all are heroes. Not me though, I was satill fit enough to fight off my daughters onslaught on the chocolate digestives, not that I could actually manage to eat one myself.

You are kind dear lady. Truth is though isn't it,that AS has shaped all on here, we have ways to keep going, there is no pint in regretting it, or wishing things were different, because they weren't and they aren't. This writing has been a bit of a glory trip for me, lots of memories and has been a thrill to try and do it, but, don't let it make me into a hero, cos I'm not, Just simple old Ineptwill.

But blessed with everyones company that visits KA and especially yours for you are a dear kind friend...............

and a clot