Craig, Pallative errrr...........well I used to have a pal or two and errrr.....cripes I best look it up.............what I meant by pre ordained was that I believe, and it is entirely not proveable, that my fusion and deformity would have happened, despite treatment regimes, NSAIDS, physio, NSD etc never made a jot of difference to the progression of my illness.

My x-rays are used in training world wide, not because I am a super special good looker (which I am) but simply because they illustrate the classically described progression of AS and with the bonus of surgery and rods to look at, so in a sense a whole AS story in one picture. But yes, I dont think anything would have stopped what happened to me, thus pre-ordained. Mig will tell you similar, she has had a real hard time with AS done the meds the excercises the lot and her damage is still sever so a similar story.

Wendy, loved your pictures at the coffee shop. What a pretty Cornwallian you are.

Right next dull episode is due this evening. Ids hard to write anything of interest because AS is very samey year after year, but, there is the tale of the Tattoed blonde and the Lobster thermidore soup, or perhaps a dash fear when I nearly fell from a 30 foot tower by being entirely stupid...........but we will see........ooooohhh Betty!!!