Sorry people I havent been back on this site for a long time. Lots have happened in the meantime. The surgery was a great success and without it, I would most likely have landed in a wheelchair by now. Unfortunately I still suffer chronic pains where the surgeon couldn't operate, namely my lower back and neck areas, and I have lots of nerve pain fallout in my legs. Nonetheless I do hydrotherapy three times a week, which is brilliant, I do Pilates once a week, lots of stretches, and cycle short distances once of twice a week. I spend most of my time n a special chiro-chair, but will never cease trying to move about, and strengthen my muscles and improve my mobility. In the end, the real pain to cope with is the one between the ears, and the rest is secondary.

R.A. & A.S. diagnozed 3+ decades ago
Pretoria, South Africa
"A head full of fears has no space for dreams"