Hi everyone, I realize this is a really old thread but I stumbled upon it while searching for more information on this procedure and was hoping to get some help or information in case anyone is still around.

My case isn't your usual one, I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was just a kid and after and after 4 surgeries, one of which the doctor changed his mind last minute and decided to remove disks, fuse vertebrae with out using rods, I was left with a very fused curved spine.

I have lived this way for over 15 years and now at 27 even though I was told to give up I came across the possibility of osteotomy being the answer to my prayers.

The thing is the doctor who I am seeing seems to think I could end up with complications because of the fact that my body has been contorted for so long. I was hoping I could get some insight on this if any one has suffered post op complications with motor skills or even bladder control and if it was temporary or something permanent.

Thank you for your time!